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DCVMN Annual General Meeting 2022

October 20 - 22, 2022

October 20 – 22, 2022

The theme for the AGM-2022 is:

This year Serum Institute of India has co-hosted the AGM in Pune, India.


Revamping of a new DCVMN identity
AGM 2022 at a glance
Speakers Book

Below you will find the presentations shared by the speakers. “D” stands for Day; “S” for Session.

Not all speakers used or shared presentations.

D1 S1 0 Inaugural Session - Sai-Prasad
D1 S1 1 Inaugural Session - Dr. Tedros WHO
D1 S1 6 Inaugural Session - Dr. Carissa Etienne, PAHO
D1 S1 7 Inaugural Session - Nikolaj Gilbert, PATH
D1 S2 1 Pandemic Preparedness Response - Kerim Chitour, PATH
D1 S2 2 Pandemic Preparednes Response - Thomas_Cueni, IFPMA
D1 S2 4 Pandemic Preparedness Response -Adam Hacker, CEPI
D1 S2 6 Pandemic Preparedness Response - Farid Fezoua, IFC
D1 S2 7 Pandemic Preparedness Response - Marie Mazur, Ready2respond
D2 S1 01 Africa Forum- Kick the Tyres -Nicaise Ndembi, Africa CDC
D2 S1 02 Simone Blayer 2022 10 21-PATH-DCVMN-AGM-Presentation-For Distribution
D2 S2 Sustainability and Lessons Learnt - WHO mRNA Tech Transfer Sustainability Presentation_2022
D2 S4 1 Regulatory & PQ- Rogerio Gaspar, WHO
D2 S4 8 Pieter Neels vaccine Platform technology_EN
D2 S5 0 Innovation in Finance & Technology -Chair James Polan US IDFCv
D2 S5 1 Innovation in Finance & Technology - Raman Rao, Hilleman
D2 S5 2 Innovation in Finance & Technology, Brandon Ball, Zebra
D2 S5 3 Innovation in Finance & Technology -Andrew Wong, Walvax
D2 S5 4 Innovation in Finance & Technology -Kutub Mahmood, PATH
D2 S5 5 Innovation in Finance & Technology - Andreas Castan, Cytiva
D2 S5 6 Innovation in Finance & Technology -Calman MacLennan, BMGF
D2 S5 7 Innovation in Finance & Technology - Vikrant Hedau- Tofflon
D3 S1 0 Roadmap to Future Vaccines - Framing- Birgitte Giersing
D3 S1 1 Roadmap to Future Vaccines- Gagandeep Kang, CMCV
D3 S1 2 Roadmap to Future Vaccines -Sai Prasad, Bharat Biotech
D3 S1 3 Roadmap to Future Vaccines - Prashant Yadav, CGD
D3 S1 4 Roadmap to Future Vaccines- Chunlin Xin, CanSino
D3 S1 5 Roadmap to Future Vaccines -Kamel Senouci ADVAC
D3 S2 Capacity Building Panel_Consolidated Slides
D3 S3 1 Key Learnings from Working Groups - Rachel Park, DCVMN Supply Chain
D3 S3 2 Key Learnings from Working Groups - Sebastian Comellas, DCVMN Regulartory Affairs WG
D3 S3 3 Key Learnings from Working Groups, Viska Indriani, DCVMN Pharmacovigilance Affairs WG
D3 S3 4 Key Learnings from Working Groups - Adriansjah Azhari, DCVMN Covid Committee
D3 S4 01 Innovative Technologies - Subhasis Banerjee, Merck
D3 S4 02 Innovative Technologies - Raman Rani, Sartorius
D3 S4 03 Innovative Technologies - Shaobin Mike Lu, Bioengineering
D3 S4 04 Innovative Technologies - Devak Padmanabhan, BiOZEEN
D3 S4 05 Innovative Technologies - Pratik Gajjar, Univercells Technologies
D3 S4 06 Innovative Technologies - Surajit Chandra, Telstar
D3 S4 07 Innovative Technologies - Seshu Tirumala, Stevanato
D3 S4 08 Innovative Technologies - Ozge Goktekin, Pharmajet
D3 S4 09 Innovative Technologies - Rajkumar Gaikwad, TRUKING
D3 S4 10 Innovative Technologies - Tulip Nuwal, OmniBRx