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Who we are & What we do

The Developing Countries Vaccine Manufacturers Network (DCVMN) is a voluntary alliance of over 40 vaccine manufacturers from 15 developing countries, firmly engaged in innovation, research, development, manufacturing, and supply of high-quality vaccines to 170 countries striving to enable equitable access to vaccines. DCVMN aims to protect people against known and emerging infectious diseases globally by increasing the production of high-quality vaccines in developing countries. It works to strengthen vaccine manufacturers through the provision of advocacy, professional training programs on technological and production improvements, and acting as a liaison to foster partnerships and funding. DCVMN also encourages technology transfer initiatives and educates the public about the availability of safe, effective and affordable vaccines for all people.

We advocate to protect

DCVMN identifies the needs of its members and represents their voice in international forums and meetings with decision making organizations such as WHO, CEPI, UNICEF, GAVI, BMGF, PATH and Several Funding agencies so that DCVMs are heard, seen and taken seriously in consideration. DCVMN represents voice of its member companies for genuine cause as also is engaging in discussions on balance in allocation of funding envelopes thereby helping to increase both, the voice share and wallet share for the member companies.

We train to protect

The facilitation of professional training activities is an essential element to DCVMN’s mission. DCVMN members are granted free access to all expert designed and led training programs including but not limited to:

  • The DCVMN E-learning platform
  • The DCVMN Webinar Series
  • DCVMN e-Workshops
  • Regional Workshops
  • Training Programs and Courses Provided by DCVMN Collaborators
  • Virtual Training Modules
  • Hands on Tech-Transfer Training by highly professional Companies and
  • Virtual Reality Training

We liaise to protect

DCVMN actively supports the collaborations and partnerships between international organizations and member companies. DCVMN can act as a bridge for DCVMN members to help members acquire funding and engage in strategic technology/business partnerships.

We gather to protect

The DCVMN Annual General Meeting and General Assembly are held annually in the last quarter of the year. The AGM gathers DCVMN members with leaders from the global health industry, governments and multilateral organizations for high-level presentations, discussions, and networking to explore today’s most pressing challenges and advancements in vaccine manufacturing and supply. Additionally, DCVMN hosts expert Working Groups (WGs) which meet regularly to share best-practices and collaborate on projects of common interest for improving vaccine manufacturing.

DCVMN Members with WHO PQ VaccineDCVMN Members without WHO PQ Vaccine