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Vision & Mission


To protect people of all age groups in low-middle income countries and emerging economies against dreaded infectious diseases by augmenting the capacity of vaccine manufacturers in developing countries, to innovate, develop, produce and deliver a consistent and sustainable supply of quality vaccines at affordable prices to accelerate and reach the goal of global vaccine equity!


To foster a voluntary alliance of vaccine manufacturers from developing countries to develop collaborations and communication amongst them and with other industry associations and academia to leverage research, production and roll-out efforts to meet vaccine needs, strive for international recognition and attaining the status of WHO pre-qualification for a range of vaccines.


  • To augment the capacity of vaccine manufacturers and potentially other health technology producers in developing countries to increase innovation, production and delivery of quality vaccines and other health technologies effectively at affordable prices for introduction in the national immunization programs in a sustainable manner;
  • To identify the needs of its members and represent their voice in international forums and meetings with decision making organizations such as WHO, CEPI,UNICEF, GAVI, BMGF, PATH and Several Funding agencies so that DCVMs are heard, seen and taken seriously in consideration and recognized in their essential role in ensuring vaccine equity;
  • To engage in negotiations to keep vaccine manufacturing costs low while seeking a bigger share of the funding envelope for DCVMs, thereby helping to increase both, the voice share and wallet share for the member companies;
  • To promote the participation of DCVMs and other health technology manufacturers in international strategic planning and decision making;
  • To provide professional training activities to offer technical know-how, sharing of best practices and information concerning novel technologies which supports the manufacturing and supply of high-quality vaccines in accordance with international standards;
  • To facilitate technical assistance to developing countries manufacturers in all aspects of production and distribution of vaccines, vaccine-related products, and other health related technologies;
  • To facilitate the exchange of ideas and experience amongst developing countries vaccine manufacturers and their counterparts in the developed world by promoting innovative models of ownership and sharing of intellectual property related to health improvement;
  • To encourage and support sustainable public-private partnerships;
  • To strive for global governance strategies oriented to economic incentives to vaccine manufacturers, ensuring their survival in the market;
  • To encourage focus and investment on research, technology innovation and development efforts to meet vaccine needs of developing countries;
  • To foster the development of members of the association to attain and maintain the status of WHO prequalification;
  • To encourage compliance of members of the network with National Regulatory Authority (NRA) and WHO requirements;
  • To disseminate comprehensible information to the broader public health community and the general public to increase vaccine confidence.