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Annual General Meetings

24 AGMs
809+ Speakers
3063+ Participants

The DCVMN’s Annual General Meetings bring together vaccine manufacturing leaders, experts from multilateral health organizations, and high-profiled researchers to dialogue equitable development of vaccines for protecting people against emerging diseases. DCVMN plays a central role in featuring panelist, exhibition presentations, and networking sessions for developing countries vaccine producers’ representatives.

Annual General Meeting 2023

September 19 – 21, 2023

The theme for the AGM-2023 is:

This year Biovac has co-hosted the AGM in Cape Town, South Africa.



Day 1

Inaugural session

Session 1: Partnerships for Global Health Impact 

Session 2: Accelerating Sustainable Regional Vaccine Manufacturing

CEO’S Report

Day 2

Session 3: Regulatory Reliance and CRP

Session 4: Integration of C19 vaccines in RI & Strengthening Adult Vaccination Delivery

Short Announcement of Dr Deusdedit Mubangizi

Session 5: Access to capital: Removing financial barriers for local manufacturing in developing countries

Session 6: Novel Technologies deployed in Bio-manufacturing

Session 7: Strengthening Vaccine Production Capacity & Pandemic Preparedness

Session 8: Learning & Development of Vaccine Workforce in Global South

Wrap-up of the day

Day 3

Session 9: Innovations in Science & Technology-Exploring cutting-edge solutions to drive innovation in vaccine manufacture for developing countries

CEOs Forum

Session 10: Market Access 4 Global Impact

Session 11: Leveraging Innovative Platforms for Novel Vaccines

Session 12: Harnessing Women Power in Expanding Immunization Coverage

Wrap-up of AGM, Rajinder Suri – CEO – DCVMN


Below you will find the presentations shared by the speakers. “D” stands for Day; “S” for Session.

Not all speakers used or shared presentations.

D1 Inaugural Session - Rajinder Suri
D1 Partnerships for Global Health Impact - Nicaise Ndembi
D1 Partnership for Global Impact - Roy Himawan
D1 S1 5 Jessica Millman - The power of multisector partnerships in Vaccine Manufacturing
D1 S2 5 - QUA VADIS mRNA - Petro Terblanche
D1 S2 6 - Accelerating Sustainable Regional Vaccine manufacturing - Rakeshnie Ramoutar
D1 S2 9 Brandon Ball Zebra Temptime
D2 S3 4 Regulatory Reliance - Fabricio de Oliviera
D2 S3 1 - Reliance and CRP - Deusdedit Mubangizi PQT
D2 S4 0 - AdultVAX - Tania Cernushi Chair
D2 S4 4 - COVIDRIVE- Leonie de Munter
D2 S4 6 - Access-To-Medicines Research Center- Nico Vandaele
D2 S6 1 - Advances in Vaccine Mfg- Vikrant Hedau (Tofflon)
D2 S6 2 - Novel Technologies deployed in Bio-Manufacturing - Youssef Gaabouri
D2 S7 Slides consolidated all speakers
D2 S8 1 - Talent development and new training opportunities- Amanda Sehnder
D2 S8 2 - Life Science Workforce- John Balchunas NIIMBL
D2 S8 3 - Creating a sustainable biomanufacturing programme - Chiluba Mwila
D2 S8 4 - Vaccine Workforce in Global South- Barbara Ngouyombo
D2 S8 5 - Digital Directory - Julianne Puckett
D3 S9 3 - Simon Agwale
D3 S9 4 - Combination Vaccines - Peter Dull
D3 S9 5 - Innovating to increase access to vaccines - Laura Martin
D3 S9 6 - Build Innovation Capacity - Glaudina Loots
D3 S9 7 - Approach for Vaccin prod in Africa - Daniel Cardoso
D3 S9 8 - An innovative platform for cost-effective decentralized mfg - Mathias Garny
D3 S9 - Saving lives - Jesal Doshi
D3 S10 1 - Improved market access - Venkatraman Wave
D3 S10 3 - PAHO Revolving Fund For Access to Vaccines - Shirley Quesada
D3 S10 6 - Market Access & Equitable Allocation of Vaccines - Ken Osei
D3 S10 7 - IVI - Sushant Sahastrabuddhe
D3 S11 2 - Leveraging Innovative Pltaforms for Novel Vaccines - Kapitl Maithal
D3 S11 3 - Novel Polio Vaccine For Global Health - Erman Tritama
D3 S11 4 - Walvax's mRNA Vaccine Platform for COVID-19 Variant Vaccine - Andrew Wong
D3 S11 5 - An intranasal SARS-CoV-2 vaccine - Raches Ella
D3 S11 6 - Accelerate Biotechnology - Alfred Lutjens
D3 S11 7 - GEA - Markus Kuehberger
D3 S11 8 - Vaccine Production Platform - Rahul Joshi
D3 S11 9 - A look into the Future-Stevanato - Andrea Zambon
D3 S11 10 - Sunflowertx - Kerry Love
D3 S11 11 - Truking Introduction - Michele Lombardi
D3 S11 12 Leveraging Innovative Platforms for Novel Vaccines - Emanuele Montomoli
D3 S11 13 - The future of Health games - Olli Rindgren

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