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Statutes & By-laws

DCVMN activities are governed by  the Statutes and By-laws, which ensure the governance of the network.

Current Statutes and By-laws reviewed by the Board and approved by the Members on December 26, 2022.


EQUITYWe aim to maximize access to quality vaccines by making them affordable to all people, providing knowledge and opportunities to all member companies from developing countries.
RESPONSABILITYEach and all of our activities aim to support achieving our common mission.
ACCOUNTABILITYWe strive to provide accurate reports and financial statements of our activities to all members.
TRANSPARENCYWe foster a culture of good governance based on collegial decision-making processes.
RESPECTDifferent opinions are welcome and respected.