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Impacts & Achievements


Of the global production of COVID-19 vaccines are from DCVMN member manufacturers

60+ vaccine products

Vaccine products manufactured by DCVMN member companies, covering the most used and needed vaccines worldwide

20 manufacturers
8 vaccines technologies

A total of 8 different vaccine technology platforms are being used to develop COVID-19 vaccines between all of our 20 members that are engaging in the COVID-19 vaccine effort


Of the vaccines manufactured in the Network have WHO Prequalification

170 countries supplied

The vaccines manufactured by DCVMN members are supplied to 170 countries, covering many MICs, LMICs and LICs

10+ publications in 2021-2023

The topics of the publications vary between advancing innovation for vaccine manufacturers from developing countries, DCVMN’s contribution to COVID-19 vaccines capacity, developing-country vaccine manufacturers’ technical capabilities and acceleration of vaccine supply.