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CHAI Go-to-market toolbox for DCVMs

Objectives of the toolbox

Developing Country Vaccine Manufacturers (DCVMs) are critical to ensuring vaccine access across low- and middle-income markets. Building strong go-to-market (GTM) capabilities is essential for the sustained competitiveness of any manufacturer as the vaccine market evolves.  

In collaboration with partners, CHAI has developed a toolbox which includes several modules to address frequent questions manufacturers face throughout the vaccine development process with respect to their GTM strategies. The various modules point to relevant data sources that can inform GTM strategies, provide transparency on tender processes and include information on country-level decision-making.

The toolbox includes resources that have been newly developed by CHAI to address information gaps whilst also intending to streamline access to important existing resources generated by partners, including by Gavi, UNICEF, Linksbridge and PATH.

To access the toolbox and resources developed to support your GTM planning, please click into each section in the infographic below.

Vaccine development and commercialization is a complex process requiring critical questions to be answered in order to develop robust GTM strategies