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WHO-DCVMN Joint Workshop on CRP

September 26 - 27, 2022

Dates & Timing: September 26th from 1-4 pm CET & September 27th from 10-1 pm CET

WHO and DCVMN are pleased to announce a joint workshop to discuss and develop a successful roadmap for CRP.

  1. This is an in-person workshop by invitation with virtual facility only to those who are unable to travel due to COVID restrictions/any other exigency
  2. The meeting would focus on strategic issues to arrive at the road map and to discuss real challenges and bottlenecks and find long term solutions.
  3. The details of the venue in Geneva, Switzerland will be provided upon your registration.
  4. The proceedings will be recorded and can be shared with all other members.
  5. In case you have any suggestions/ inputs/ questions, to be clarified please send them to us.

Following is the draft agenda:

  1. Welcome remarks and Overview of the workshop objectives and agenda. Director RPQ, WHO
  2. WHO PQ Vaccines programme and sharing of PQ assessment reports to enable CRP. Team Lead, RPO/PQT/VAX WHO
  3. Overview of Collaborative Registration Procedure: progress in Team Lead, RPQ/REG/FPI WHO implementation and identified challenges
  4. Challenges experienced by industry with the implementation of CRP for WHO DCVMN prequalified vaccines
  5. Plenary discussion and recommendations to overcome the ALL challenges identified
1 CRP Presentation - 20.09.22_Final
2. S.Azatyan-WHO-DCVMN workshop 26-09-2022
3 Vaccine PQ DCVMN meeting 26 September 2022 Final1