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IIL launches measles, rubella vaccine for children

🌍💉At DCVMN, we celebrate impactful South-to-South collaborations driving remarkable vaccine advancements and we are proud of seeing our members supporting each other in transforming vaccine landscapes! Indian Immunologicals Limited (IIL) recently launched the Mabella (Measles and Rubella) vaccine for children, a significant achievement in exclusive partnership with Polyvac Institute, Vietnam.

Through rigorous human clinical trials, Mabella has proven its safety and efficacy, marking a crucial step in combating Measles and Rubella, which tragically claim about 100,000 children’s lives worldwide.

K Anand Kumar, Managing Director at IIL, emphasizes the company’s commitment to disease elimination and eradication over sales figures, reflecting their dedication to global health. Notably, IIL stands as a major supplier of human vaccines to the UIP, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, and exports vaccines to over 50 countries.

Their pioneering efforts have transformed vaccine landscapes, introducing vital childhood vaccines and revolutionizing disease prevention. We’re proud to witness these impactful strides toward a healthier world!

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