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Sunflower Therapeutics Webinar – Democratizing Biomanufacturing using Perfusion Fermentation

Date: August 8th, 2023

02:00 PM to 03:00 PM CET

Sunflower Therapeutics Webinar – Democratizing Biomanufacturing using Perfusion Fermentation

Small-footprint manufacturing is a disruptive and unique opportunity for distributed and mobile production capabilities suited to stakeholders interested in efficiently establishing biomanufacturing independence. Sunflower Therapeutics is a women-owned and led early-stage public benefit biotechnology company that has developed breakthrough, small-footprint protein production systems. Our unique systems utilize perfusion fermentation, a mode of continuous cultivation for eukaryotic microbes. The benefits of perfusion cultivation have been well demonstrated using mammalian cells and include a reduced manufacturing footprint, lower capital investment and ongoing operational costs, and increased flexibility, productivity, and product quality.  At Sunflower, we have developed a single-use bench-top bioreactor for the automated, continuous production of proteins from eukaryotic microbes using perfusion–the Daisy PetalTM. We show that the Daisy PetalTM can be used for efficient continuous production of a variety of recombinant proteins by the yeast Pichia pastoris, including cytokines and hormones, subunit vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, and other antibody-like products. Furthermore, we describe Sunflower’s automated end-to-end manufacturing technology: the Sunflower Dahlia™ System, which includes integrated modules for perfusion fermentation, straight-through chromatography, and tangential flow filtration.

Speaker: Dr. Laura Crowell

Laura Crowell is the Director of Research and Development at Sunflower Therapeutics PBC, a biotech startup focused on dramatically reducing the time and cost to develop and manufacture proteins for consumers and patients around the world. In her current role, Laura oversees ongoing efforts to develop efficient manufacturing approaches for protein-based therapeutics, vaccines, reagents, and food substitutes using strain engineering, integrated process development, and automated multi-product facilities. Laura received her Ph.D. (2020) and M.S. (2016) in Chemical Engineering from MIT and her B.S. (2014) in Chemical and Biological Engineering from Tufts University.

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