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PATH Webinar -Microarray patches: Opportunities for global health impact and health equity

December 11, 2023
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Date: December 11th, 2023

Time: 2 PM to 3 PM (CET)

Description: Microarray patches (MAPs), also known as microneedle patches, are a clinical-stage innovation that consist of micron-scale projections that deliver a drug or vaccine into the top layers of the skin. The MAP delivery technology platform is of public health interest since it has the potential to foster substantial gains in access, efficacy, and adherence to vaccines and essential medicines while also reducing burdens on strained health systems. PATH, a global health nonprofit organization, is working to accelerate the development of MAPs for critical vaccines and essential medicines and to ensure that the MAP delivery technology platform can maximize its impact by meeting global public health needs.

In recent years, PATH has been collaborating with global stakeholders and partners to identify critical public health applications, understand user needs, develop well-informed target product profiles, support technical development, advance manufacturing processes, define the market opportunity, generate cost-effectiveness data, and clarify regulatory pathways for MAPs, with the aim of maximizing the potential of this innovative delivery technology platform.

During this DCVMN webinar, we will provide an overview of MAP technologies and their status of development; priority technology attributes for global health; a summary of PATH’s MAP projects; and key questions that must be addressed to accelerate MAP introduction for high-priority needs in LMICs. This webinar will also share MAP resources for vaccine manufacturers interested in the technology and ways companies can engage with PATH on advancing MAPs for global health applications.


Name: Dr. Jessica Mistilis

Jessica Mistilis, PhD, is a Senior Technical Officer in PATH’s Medical Devices and Health Technologies Program, working across pharmaceutical and vaccine delivery technologies and packaging technologies. Dr. Mistilis brings expertise and experience in drug and vaccine delivery systems, small and large molecule formulation, preclinical evaluation, integrated evidence planning, health economics, and user research. Combining technical expertise with strategic insights, she evaluates novel technologies and drives product development to identify efficiencies, reduce manufacturing costs, and accelerate regulatory approvals.

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