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Workshop on new packaging technologies

May 11, 2022

12:00 – 15:00 CET

Workshop on New Packaging technologies

The purpose of the workshop is to inform DCVMN members of the development and experience of new vaccine packaging technologies, which have been prioritized by the Vaccine Innovation Prioritization Strategy (VIPS) led by global immunization agencies. A main focus will be on members’ use of plastic containers for liquid oral vaccines as well as on compact prefilled auto-disable injection systems (cPADs). PATH will highlight recent developments with new packaging technologies also including double-chamber injection devices. Members attending will be able to ask questions as well as provide feedback on the presentations.

Proposed agenda
Wednesday 11 May (3 hours – 12.00-15.00 CET):

  • Liquid tube containers – EuBiologics experience (cholera) + Q&A
  • Liquid plastic ampoules – Serum Institute of India: Rotavirus liquid vaccine in plastic ampoules, a success story + Q&A
  • cPAD (uniject) – Bio Farma experience (hepB) – Q&A
  • cPAD and dual-chamber device developments – PATH + Q&A
  • Discussion
  • Summary and conclusions
Euvichol plus Plastic tube -EuBiologics
Liquid Plastic Ampoules - Serum Institute of India
PATH CPAD and dual chamber
cPADS uniject of Bio Farma Hepatitis B vaccine
One pager report