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WHO Consultation with DCVMN on Influenza vaccines

May 24, 2022

Wednesday 25th May from 13:30-15:00 CET.

The WHO is aiming to develop an influenza vaccine value proposition which aims to provide an improved understanding of influenza vaccine market conditions and benefit country policy makers deciding on the best ways of implementing influenza vaccines as well as to vaccine manufacturers deciding on the further development and production of these vaccines.

Last year in support of the value proposition, MMGH Consulting, in collaboration with the WHO and the US CDC (via the Task Force for Global Health), defined vaccine use cases and country archetypes reflecting the different settings, needs, challenges and opportunities of current seasonal influenza vaccination.

This year, we are taking the use cases a step further, and will size/quantify them so that we can understand not only the size of the different target populations for influenza vaccines included in the use cases, but also the most important (from a volumes perspective) delivery locations for each target group to receive influenza vaccines.

Given the important role that DCVMN manufacturers have in the supply of influenza vaccines globally, and their detailed knowledge of the different delivery channels in which their products are used, we would like to schedule a consultation with DCVMN manufacturers producing influenza vaccines. The consultation would focus on gaining manufacturer input on the different delivery channels/locations for their influenza vaccines, which are most relevant to different target populations and how this varies in different markets.

Click here to join the meeting with Microsoft Teams.