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WHO consultation on COVID-19 vaccines research

August 12, 2021

upcoming WHO consultation on COVID-19 vaccines research scheduled for Friday, 13 August 2021 from 13h00 to 17h00 Geneva time.

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In continuation to the scientific discussions on COVID-19 vaccines research, the WHO R&D Blueprint team is organizing a consultation on the state of the art and best research methods to evaluate existing, modified and new COVID-19 vaccines.

The objectives of this forthcoming consultation will be to review the available evidence on the efficacy and effectiveness of vaccines being deployed in terms of:
emerging variants effect on protection levels,
duration of protection,
safety of booster vaccines and
research to evaluate various delivery strategies.

During the consultation, experts will debate the methodological strength and limitations of existing data and the potential designs to generate additional data leading to evidence-based decisions.

Available randomized and non-randomised data on COVID-19 vaccines efficacy and effectiveness against different variants and initial assessment of risk of bias and confounding.
Available randomized and non-randomised data on COVID-19 vaccines duration of protection and methodological challenges with its interpretation.
Opportunities and designs to be considered in the generation of additional data.
Vaccine developers update about their current progress and plans to generate evidence to inform discussions on the need and pertinence of booster vaccines.

Invited experts will include:
Global experts on evidence synthesis and critical appraisal of evidence.
Leading researchers on COVID-19 vaccine studies.
Clinical trials and observational studies methodologist.
Vaccine developers.

For more information on observational studies, RCTs, COVID-19 vaccines landscape tracking, trials mapping COVID-19 vaccines and other information (updated on a weekly basis) please visit

Kind regards
on behalf of the WHO R&D Blueprint Secretariat

Kindly access presentations from the webinar held on Friday, 13 August 2021 on this link: WHO consultation on COVID-19 vaccines research – 13 August 2021.