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The 2nd World Local Production Forum

The 2nd World Local Production Forum: Enhancing access to medicines and other health technologies has been taking place in the Hague, Netherlands these past few days. The forum aims to leverage regional and global partnerships for local production and technology transfer for timely and equitable access worldwide.

During the first session of the forum on “Strengthening the ecosystem for sustainable local production to improve access,” DCVMN CEO made a presentation discussing – Exploring policies, investment mechanisms, and incentives to build sustainable local production capacity. Mr. Rajinder Suri talked about the importance of eliminating trade and regulatory barriers between different developing countries, mandating a certain percentage of vaccine components to be locally sourced, and establishing government-backed insurance or risk-sharing mechanisms to protect manufacturers. Mr. Suri discussed different forms of investments for strengthening local manufacturing such as revolving funds and push programmes. Additionally, he also touched upon the crucial role played by partnerships, new platform technologies, and building a skilled workforce.