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Technical Symposium on The COVID-19 Pandemic: Response, preparedness, resilience

December 16, 2022
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We are pleased to share that DCVMN CEO, Mr. Rajinder Suri, will be a panelist at the joint World Health OrganizationWorld Intellectual Property Organization – WIPO and World Trade Organization Symposium on the COVID-19 pandemic – The Symposium will look at pandemic response, preparedness and resilience from the perspectives of health, intellectual property, and trade. It is a hybrid event and Mr. Suri will be joined by a number of prominent experts in the field. They will examine the key challenges of the pandemic, and explore ways in which we can better prepare for and respond to future health crises.

This symposium is the ninth in a series of joint technical symposia convened by WHO, WIPO and WTO, and builds on the collaborative work undertaken by the three agencies – including the 2020 trilateral study, “Promoting Access to Medical Technologies and Innovation”.

Please join us in the discussion and register on this link ➡️