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SAGE Working Group on Meningococcal Vaccines and Vaccination

July 17 - 18, 2022

SAGE Working Group on Meningococcal Vaccines and Vaccination

WHO has informed that they are resuming the activities of our SAGE Working Group on Meningococcal Vaccines and Vaccination.

“Our next Working Group meeting has just been confirmed for Monday 18 and Tuesday 19 July 2022. The meeting will be “hybrid” inviting participants to join either in person in Geneva in the WHO/HQ room U1 or virtually via the Zoom platform.

Vaccine developers are invited to present in turn, a brief overview of their meningococcal vaccines (meningococcal conjugate multivalent vaccines and/or meningococcal B vaccines), both for licensed vaccines and candidate vaccines, including in particular for each candidate: type and dose, development plans and stage of development, proposed vaccination schedules and cold chain requirements, and emerging evidence for safety and immunogenicity.
Each developer is invited to present in an open session to the SAGE Working Group, the WHO Secretariat, and WHO Temporary Advisers and Observers. If appropriate, a closed session can be organized for any confidential presentation and discussion, it will then be reserved only for the SAGE working group and the WHO secretariat providing support to the members of the working group.
We would value the large participation of DCVMN members in this important working group meeting and would appreciate your support in conveying this invitation to all concerned members.

The agenda and background information will be shared closer to the time.

I also take this opportunity to share an update on the progress of the Defeating meningitis by 2030: a global road map, to which DCVMN has been a major contributor: recent information is posted here.”

For more information please contact directly
Marie-Pierre Preziosi, MD PhD
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