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Mission and Vision

The Developing Countries Vaccine Manufacturers Network (DCVMN) aims to protect people against known and emerging infectious diseases globally by increasing the availability of high quality of vaccines produced in emerging countries. DCVMN works to strengthen vaccine manufacturers through the provision of information programs and professional training on technical improvements, research in vaccine production, encouraging technology transfer initiatives, and educating the public about the availability of safe and effective vaccines, from developing world manufacturers and related programs.

Our main goals and objectives are the following :

  • To form a voluntary public health driven alliance of vaccine manufacturers from developing countries sharing common vision and mission;
  • To combat infectious diseases, especially those of the developing world, by strengthening the capacity of vaccine and vaccine-related product manufacturers, and potentially other health technology producers, in developing countries, to produce and deliver quality vaccines and other health technologies effectively in the long-term for national immunization programs in a sustainable manner;
  • To strive for an international recognition such that developing country vaccine manufacturers have an essential role in assuring the availability of quality vaccines for national immunization programs in developing countries;
  • To encourage focus and investment on research, technology innovation and development efforts to meet vaccine needs of developing countries;
  • To foster the development of Members of the Association to attain and maintain the status of WHO prequalification;
  • To promote a consistent and sustainable supply of quality vaccines at an affordable price to developing countries;
  • To improve the access of such manufacturers to technologies necessary to improve the quality of vaccines, vaccine-related products, and other health technologies currently being produced and to prepare for the transfer and production of newly developed health technologies;
  • To encourage and support sustainable public-private partnerships;
  • To strive for global governance strategies oriented to economic incentives to vaccine manufacturers, ensuring their survival in the market;
  • To promote innovative models of ownership and sharing of intellectual property related to health improvement;
  • To facilitate technical assistance to developing countries manufacturers in all aspects of production and distribution of vaccines, vaccine-related products, and other health related technologies;
  • To facilitate the exchange of ideas and experience among developing countries health technology developers and producers and their counterparts in the developed world;
  • To promote the participation of developing country vaccine and other health technology manufacturers in international strategic planning and decision making;
  • To disseminate information to the broader public health community and the general public;
  • To encourage continuing research and development efforts of Members to meet the emerging vaccine needs in the developing countries;
  • To encourage the compliance of Members of the Association with National Regulatory Authority (NRA) requirements;
  • To foster collaboration and communication amongst Members of the Association and actively participate in the international vaccine community to accomplish the Association specified goals.

The purposes of the Association are carried through the provision of technical assistance, training and research in vaccine production, informational programmes aimed at educating the public about the availability of safe and effective vaccines from developing world manufactures, and related workshops.