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Sinovac Biotech Ltd. (NASDAQ: SVA) is a China-based biopharmaceutical company that focuses on the research, development, manufacturing, and commercialization of vaccines that protect against human infectious diseases.

Sinovac has been taking its mission statement "Supply Vaccines to Eliminate Human Diseases" and actively expanding overseas footprints through the well-established platform in China. The company has set up the professional and experienced team to proceed the overseas registration and develop the business. The company is dedicated to provide products and services for the unmet needs of disease prevention around the world.

Sinovac’s product portfolio includes vaccines against hepatitis A and B, seasonal influenza, H5N1 pandemic influenza (avian flu), H1N1 influenza (swine flu), mumps,varicella and Enterovirus A-71.

Healive®, the China's first inactivated hepatitis A vaccine developed independently by Sinovac, has passed WHO prequalification assessment. The company intends to have more prequalified products in the future for the international NGOs and the countries in need. It has established business partnerships in many countries and has granted the market authorizations for sales. Sinovac’s hepatitis A and influenza vaccines have sold to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America, Africa and CIS, as well as international organizations. The products and services are highly appraised.

Looking forward, with the expansion of Sinovac’s business across the globe, the company will provide high-quality vaccines and superior services to more countries, regions and international organizations around the world.

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