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Medigen Vaccine Biologics Co.

Medigen Vaccine Biologics Co. (hereinafter as MVC), founded in 2012, is devoted to develop innovative cell-based vaccine with state-of-the-art cell-culture technologies and cost-effective production using single-use systems. MVC has successfully established cell-based platforms for pandemic influenza H5N l, H7N9, and Enterovirus 71 vaccines. Currently, H7N9 and Enterovirus 71 vaccines are at the clinical development.

Furthermore, to ensure adequate supply of high quality vaccines, MVC is establishing a first PIC/S GMP certified cell-based vaccine plant in Taiwan. The construction is estimated to be completed by the end of 2015, and pilot production is likely to be initiated in 2016. The designed production capacity is up to ten million doses per year. MVC commits not only to supply the vaccine for Taiwan people, but also provide vaccines globally to contribute to the human health care in the near future.