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Xiamen Innovax Biotech Co.,Ltd.

Xiamen Innovax Biotech Co., Ltd. (Innovax) is a leading company in the field of developing, manufacturing and marketing innovative vaccines with its headquarters and manufacture based in Xiamen, China.

Innovax has been dedicated to provide high-quantity and affordable innovative vaccine for people in need to combat infectious disease.

Innovax has established a unique Escherichia coli-based recombinant vaccine system for vaccine industrialization. Based on this platform, the world’s first Hepatitis E Vaccine, Hecolin® has launched in China in October 2012. In addition, its Cervical Cancer Vaccine--Cecolin® (HPV16&18 bivalent,) have been approved in 2019. Furthermore, a 9-valent HPV vaccine is now in phase II clinical trial.

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