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Indian Immunologicals Ltd

National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) set up Indian lmmunologicals Limited in 1982. IIL is an “One Health” company – that innovate, produce and market veterinary and human vaccines. IIL’s vaccine manufacturing facilities are located at Hyderabad and Ooty in India. IIL is a major player in the human vaccine market in India, focusing on the paediatric and rabies segment with its flagship product "Abhayrab". Ill is also a major supplier of vaccines to India's Universal Immunization Programme. IIL is a contract manufacturer of vaccines for leading companies in India and produced COVID-19 vaccine drug substance during the time of pandemic emergency.

IIL research efforts are directed at developing frontier technologies in biologicals, diagnostics and vaccines. Vaccines for tropical diseases which are of little interest to western countries, but very relevant for a country like India are a major focus of research. IIL has research collaborations with several reputed national and international institutes including NIH, CDC, GALVMED, Pirbright Institute, Griffith University, etc. IIL exports its products to more than sixty countries across the world with customer focus in Middle East, Asia Pacific region, Africa and CIS countries.