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The International Alliance for Biological Standardization (IABS) is an independent, nonprofit scientific organization located in Geneva, Switzerland with about 250 members in over 50 countries. Our special mission is to promote global regulatory dialogue on specific issues among manufacturers, scientific researchers and national regulatory and control authorities in the field of biological products, and especially vaccines. Topics include quality, standardization, and efficacy.

IABS' role and strength reside in its ability to bring together interested parties for scientific discussions of important unresolved or emerging issues and to assist in developing a consensus with an action plan to achieve regulatory progress. This strategy has led to significant gains in both the human and veterinary fields, and it differentiates lABS conferences from most scientific meetings that focus simply on the exchange of information. lABS is the only nonprofit organization dedicated solely to addressing key issues in regulatory science that underpin approvals for vaccines and biopharmaceuticals worldwide. Our activities contribute to faster global access to new vaccines for human and animal health. We have worked successfully with, and have supplemented the activities of, WH0, FDA, NIAID, EMA, and OIE.
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