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China National Biotec Group Company Limited

China National Biotec Group Company Limited (CNBG), formerly the Central Epidemic Prevention Department of Beiyang Government, was directly under the leadership of the Ministry of Health after the founding of New China. It is now an important member company under one of the global top 500 companies --- SINOPHARM. CNBG has been recognized by the Chinese industry as a comprehensive biopharmaceutical enterprise with a long history, complete product portfolio and large manufacture capacity. The company has integrated functions of R&D, production, sales and postgraduate training. CNBG currently has 11 secondary subsidiaries and 69 sub-secondary companies with over 10,000 employees.

CNBG has six major business segments: human vaccines, blood products, medical aesthetics, animal healthcare, biotherapeutics and medical diagnostics. CNBG can produce 50 kinds of human vaccines with an annual output of over 700 million doses. It supplies over 80% vaccines for the National Immunization Program. CNBG holds a public listed company dedicated to blood products production, with annual plasma collection of more than 1500 tons, the company is capable to produce 11 kinds of blood products. As the only botulinum toxin manufacturer approved by the government in China, CNBG’s own branded products are highly recognized by the medical aesthetics market. CNBG is also providing the society with all-round and high-quality services for animal vaccines and related veterinary biological products. The company is currently developing a complete industrial chain for antibody drugs and a unique industrial chain for molecular diagnostic products.

CNBG has strong scientific and technological innovation strength, with a research and development team of more than 1,000 people and a quality management team of more than 1,100 people, including an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, a chief scientist of the national "863" vaccine program, and 13 members of the National Pharmacopoeia Committee. The company has 5 postdoctoral workstations, 1 doctor's degree awarding point and 5 master's degree awarding points, which have cultivated many advanced talents for China's biopharmaceutical industry.