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Liaoning Cheng Da Biotechnology Co., Ltd

CDBIO was established in June 2002 by introducing the platform of world’s leading vaccine manufacturing technology. CDBIO is an integrated biotechnology company engaged in R&D, manufacturing, distribution and sales of vaccine products. The state-of-art manufacturing facility, which conforming to the GMP standard, locates in Shenyang, China.

Our principal vaccine products include chromatographically purified Rabies Vaccine for human use (Vero cell) (Brand: SPEEDA®) and the Inactivated Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine for human use (Vero cell) (Brand: JEVAC®). The quality specification of SPEEDA® not only conforms to Current Chinese Pharmacopeia Standard but also WHO and EU Standard. As well, after many years’ use in clinical, high safety and immunogenicity of SPEEDA® has been widely accepted and proved. The JEVAC®, which is free of antibiotics, preservatives and adjuvant, has also been used widely in China. In a clinical study on Thai children, JEVAC® was demonstrated to be safe and efficacy (100% seroprotection after two doses) and the seroprotection rate after 2 doses at 1 year was also high (89.7%).

Our Philosophy: Responsible for life
Our Core Value: Integrity and Responsibility