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Instituto Butantan

Instituto Butantan: Ready to go global
Open for partnerships, in the service of public health

Instituto Butantan supplies the Brazilian public health system with 90% of the sera and 65% of all vaccines distributed in the country. Of the 170 million doses of vaccines dispensed annually by the Brazilian immunization program, 100 million are produced at Butantan.

In particular, Instituto Butantan manufactures 100% of the influenza vaccine doses used by the Ministry of Health. WHO prequalification for the vaccine is expected to happen in 2020.

Butantan is a public, non-profit institution, part of the São Paulo State Health Department. As its operational branch, private-owned Fundação Butantan allows for agile decision making.

Butantan’s main site is located in São Paulo, the state capital and the largest city in South America. This is the most dynamic place for business in Brazil; 78% of the pharmaceutical sales and 74% of R&D expenditure in the country occur in São Paulo State. The organization is set to be a global player in the development and manufacturing of the most advanced and needed biological products, in the service of life and public health.