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Biological E Ltd.

Established in 1953, Biological E. Limited (BE) is a leading, world-class Pharmaceutical and Biologics company with an impressive range of healthcare products. We are a company driven by knowledge - a huge pool of talent that gives us the competitive advantage to make an impact in the global markets. The BE business model has three core dimensions comprising of Biologics, Pharmaceuticals and Bulk actives.

BE is the first private sector biological products company and a pioneer in the vaccine industry in India. We take pride in our historical and on going partnership with the Government of India in National Immunization Program of the country. This enables us to provide affordable access to critical vaccines for millions of children in India. BE produces and markets a range of pediatric and adult vaccines and has a significant market share in the Indian vaccine market. In just a span of a decade the company has delivered over 1.5 million doses of vaccine towards the immunization needs in India. BE brings an enormous breadth of biologics ranging from bacterial vaccines - toxoids to polysaccharide conjugates and cell culture viral vaccines to recombinant proteins. Our current research focus comprises of conjugate vaccines and a portfolio of flavivirus vaccines for unmet needs.

BE currently is engaged in partnership with several global companies and well respected institutions and public health organizations worldwide.

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