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AIM Vaccine Co., Ltd

AIM Vaccine Co., Ltd. (referred to as “AIM”), committing to develop and manufacture top quality vaccines to safeguard the health of the world, is a major vaccine company in China, which covers the full value chain from research and development to manufacturing and to commercialization. AIM is the second largest vaccine company in China in terms of 2021 approved lot release volume (excluding COVID-19 vaccines).

AIM, established in 2011, acquires 4 wholly-owned licensed vaccine manufacturers, namely Rong’an Bio, AIM Honesty, AIM Kanghuai and AIM Weixin and 3 research institutes, namely AIM Explorer, Liverna and AIM Jianchi presently. These research institutions collaborate with the Licensed Manufacturing Facilities or with each other to accelerate our pipeline development. AIM is one of the first two human vaccine companies in China that have been granted permission under the Fourteenth Five Year Plan of China to build a P3 Lab.

AIM currently commercializes 8 vaccine products against 6 disease areas, of which the HBV vaccines and human rabies vaccine are market-leading key commercialized vaccine products. According to CIC (China Insights Consultancy Ltd.), AIM is the only China-based vaccine player that has all five proven human vaccine platform technologies worldwide, namely bacterial vaccine technologies, viral vaccine technologies, genetically engineered vaccine technologies, combination vaccine technologies and mRNA vaccine technologies, with at least one approved product or one vaccine candidate at CTA or clinical stages under each platform. AIM has 22 vaccine candidates against 13 disease areas, covering the top 10 vaccine varieties, such as mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine, PCV13, PPSV23, PCV20, MCV4, HPV9, Influenza Vaccine, mRNA RSV Vaccine, DTP-Hib Combination Vaccine, etc.

Dreaming of a better world and keeping waking up in this one, AIM is working on the layout of global collaboration to achieve its vision.