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“MECHNIKOV” Latin American Biotechnology Institute (referred as Instituto MECHNIKOV) develops and currently manufactures high quality flu vaccines for the Latin American and the Caribbean countries.

Instituto MECHNIKOV was founded in 2016, resulting from an international South-South cooperation, and becomes the unique facility in Central America built according to GMP and WHO recommendations for vaccines manufacturing.

Today, we have three vaccines on the market (VAIF, Flu-M® and Flu-M Tetra®). First two are running the final steps for PQ and all of them are based on split virion and inactivated viruses. After Clinical Studies performed in Nicaragua and Cuba, as well as extensive application (millions of doses) in different countries, side effects are non-significative and presented just as mild reactions.

Aligned to health problems in LAC nations, from 2022 Instituto MECHNIKOV has significant advances in the pipeline. PCV, PPSV, SARS-CoV-2 (based on viral-nucleocapsid protein) and HPV vaccines point out as the closest formulations to become products in the near future.