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The Asia-Pacific Alliance for the Control of Influenza (APACI) was established as a charitable institution in April 2011. It has an independent Board of Directors, and a membership consisting of individuals with a recognised expertise in influenza. APACI is a company limited by guarantee, with its registered office in Hong Kong, and its operational office in Melbourne, Australia.

APACI was previously known as the Asia-Pacific Advisory Committee on Influenza, having been established in early 2002. It has been active in the region since that time, but has moved beyond a committee, to an alliance of Asian-Pacific countries.

The purpose of APACI is to reduce the burden of influenza in the Asia-Pacific region, by addressing the epidemiological issues relating to influenza and its impact. Influenza is a public health problem of collective concern to the Asia-Pacific community. Local initiatives seeking to address the burden and threats influenza poses, including morbidity, mortality and cost, are steadily materialising.

At the APACI meetings, members regularly share current information on influenza from their home countries and provide updates on the influenza-related activities being undertaken by their respective governments.