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IVI-DCVMN jointly fostering professional training for vaccine manufacturers from developing countries

Seoul, July 1st 2016 – The International Vaccine Institute (IVI) and the Developing Countries Vaccine Manufacturers Network (DCVMN) co-hosted a meeting from June 28 to July 1 for vaccine industry professionals mainly from developing countries. Over 50 industry professionals representing 10 companies in Asia, from five different countries and territories, including China, India, Vietnam, Taipei, Thailand and South Korea, met in Seoul to review and discuss global concepts of Quality by Design for manufacturing and registration of vaccines globally.

Dr. Yeowon Sohn, Director General of the National Institute of Food and Drug Safety Evaluation of the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, delivered the opening speech, which was followed by presentations and discussions moderated by international experts in the areas of Good Manufacturing Practice and global vaccine registration of vaccines, particularly in the context of developing countries. Dr. Sohn highlighted that “swift information sharing and streamlined cooperative systems among experts across the world should be further strengthened”. She added that the workshop was a great opportunity for the attendees to learn from global experts in quality design and global registration, who joined as trainers.

The DCVMN-led training initiative aims to foster dialogue among manufacturers from different countries, providing opportunities for manufacturers to access the knowledge, tools, and skills required to achieve and maintain WHO prequalification status for high-priority vaccines. Participants commit to disseminate the learnings of the four days’ discussions to their collaborators, peers, and supervisors when they return to their facilities, in the form of an informational meeting, and ensure follow-up on practical implementation of discussed topics.