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Hilleman Laboratories White Paper – “Vaccines, Today and Tomorrow”

Discover the current global vaccine ecosystem and what we can do to accelerate broad access to vaccines for populations in LMICs in the new Hilleman Laboratories white paper entitled “Vaccines, Today and Tomorrow”.

About 94% of all infectious disease deaths occur in low- and middle-income countries. Of those, 46% might have been prevented with existing vaccines, but more than half were from diseases we have yet to develop effective vaccines for.

There are many reasons why some of those most in need of vaccines are not receiving them; access, conflict, culture, funding, hesitancy, logistical issues, and remote locations to name just a few. But if the world agrees that 17 million zero-dose children is not acceptable, we have to take action today to make sure the statistics are very different by 2030.

Having reviewed the literature, studied the data and interviewed many thought leaders from the global vaccine ecosystem, including DCVMN CEO, this white paper attempts to assess the current situation and chart a course towards an equitable future by highlighting the fact that vaccine availability is just one of the many factors for low vaccination rates in LMICs.

As such, more needs to be done to strike a better balance between national interests, global public health objectives, and commercial incentives. Building partnerships with relevant health ecosystem stakeholders is essential to develop innovative and affordable vaccines and biologics against infectious diseases in LMICs.

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