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DCVMN welcomes Butantan’s new Directorate

Sao Paulo, 15th June 2018 – Institute Butantan’s Director, Prof. Dimas Tadeu Covas, invited DCVMN Executive Secretary, Dr. Sonia Pagliusi, to meet the new Directorate and visit the new facility to be dedicated to the manufacture of second generation dengue vaccines. Founded in 1901, the Butantan Institute is one of Brazil’s most prestigious scientific institutions. Butantan generates scientific knowledge and research to develop and produce immunotherapies and biopharmaceuticals of public health interest and seeks to stimulate advances in innovative health technology. A second generation dengue vaccine candidate is set to progress into Phase 3 clinical studies in 17,000 subjects. Sponsored by the Brazilian government, these studies represent an investment of approximately US $100 million. During the visit, Prof. Dimas highlighted the Institute’s important role in the manufacturing and supply of influenza vaccines to the country, and the capacity to supply northern hemisphere formulation in the near future, as well as plans to introduce rabies and dengue vaccines in the next five years. He emphasized Butantan’s interest in exploring new avenues of international cooperation.

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