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DCVMN Webinar : Next Generation Sequencing (IABS)

July 19, 2022
Title – DCVMN Webinar : Next Generation Sequencing (IABS) Date and Time: 20th July 2022 13:00-15:00 CET Speakers: Pieter Neels Sebastiaan Theuns Laurent Mallet Gwenaël Ciréfice Arifa Khan Ravneet Bhuller Abstract IABS is a non-for-profit organisation that brings together academia, authority regulators and industry to discuss challenging projects. Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) is such a project. It is a new technique that might replace a number of time consuming and costly viral testing, and time consuming, to show the absence of adventitious agents. In Washington, September 28-29, the 3rd IABS NGS meeting will take place to discuss the implementation of these new techniques in detecting adventitious agents in the production and development of new and old vaccines. However, not everyone is familiar with NGS and therefore IABS together with DCVMN decided to organise a webinar to give an introduction on NGS, in fact to initiate people not aware of these new techniques in order to understand the topics being discussed at the September meeting to implement these money and time saving techniques. This is an invitation for people working in the field of vaccine production and development that are not aware of these new techniques and want to learn more about it to improve the production and development of their vaccines. This is a collaboration between IABS and DCMN to improve knowledge of new techniques. Proposed Agenda Proposed Agenda 13:00-13:05 Welcome Pieter Neels 13:05-13:25 Introduction to NGS Sebastiaan Theuns Burning questions 13:30-13:50 Regulatory aspects at EDQM Laurent Mallet Burning questions 12:55-14:15 Reference Materials for NGS Arifa Khan Burning questions 14:20-14:40 NGS at WHO/ECBS/NIBSC TBC 14:40-15:00 Questions all

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