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DCVMN Virtual Reality Training Module 1

Vaccine fill-finish process: Steps and Interventions taken to ensure room sterility (Pico Neo 3)

At current, all DCVMN VR trainings are designed to operate and function on the Pico Neo 3 Pro VR headset.

PICO Official Website (

The DCVMN does not profit nor partner with PICO and all purchases of a PICO Neo 3 pro website are at your discretion.

How to Install

1. Download the SideQuest application which will facilitate the installation of the VR software from the following link

2. After SideQuest is downloaded, run the .exe file from your computer Downloads to install it.

3. Once SideQuest installation is completed, run the application. It should look similar to this:

4. Turn on the Pico Neo 3 Pro headset. 

5. Plug the headset in to the computer using the USB-C cable.

6. Once this is done, in SideQuest, on the top right, it should now show that you have connected a headset and the circle should appear green. 

7. Download the Fill-Finish Process Training application from the following link:

8. In SideQuest, select the button to Install .APK file from folder on computer.

9. Navigate to the folder where you downloaded the Fill-Finish Process Training application, and select the downloaded .apk file.

10. Once the installation is successful, put on the headset, and navigate to the app library.

11. Select the Fill-Finish Process Training application and follow the instructions to commence the training.