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DCVMN united with the EU at the Coronavirus Global Response international pledging event

eu-united-against-corona-final-approved-09may2020-2.jpg Brussels, 04 May 2020 – Governments, global health organizations, and experienced partners joined hands and resources. “The partners are many, the goal is one: to defeat this virus” stated Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission and the host of the pledging event, together with France, Germany, Japan, Norway, Canada, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom. The clear goal of this global partnership is to accelerate the development, manufacturing and delivery of COVID-19 vaccines, diagnostics and treatment accessible to everyone, everywhere. To make the world free of COVID-19, these tools must be handled as global public goods, available for all at equitable price; comprehensive and coordinated public health measures are critical to save lives, and to ensure that no person, no country or region is left behind. The first objective of the pledge is to raise initial resources of 7.5 billion Euros to ramp up work on vaccines, diagnostics and treatments: 4 billion are to be dedicated to vaccines, 2 billion to treatments and 1.5 billion to diagnostic tools. The second objective is to bring together global health organizations, working on initiatives to fight the COVID pandemic. “A global victory will take strong international cooperation and a firm commitment to support multilateral institutions, as well as needed resources” said Charles Michel, the President of the European Council. DCVMN President, Sai D. Prasad, reiterated DCVMN members’ firm engagement in COVID-19 through research, development, manufacturing and supply of high-quality vaccines for local and international use, and urged global leaders to commit resources that enable transfer of knowledge and technology to large scale manufacturing sites, distributed around the world. He commended the European Commission for its leadership and commitment to this nobel global cause. More information available at

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