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DCVMN members’ commitments on Cholera, Typhoid and HPV vaccines supply for Gavi eligible countries

London 04 June 2020 – Gavi successes presented at the Global Vaccine Summit is not only dependent on generous donors’ support but also on the vital contribution of the vaccine industry. Thanks to the close coordination between the Alliance and developing country manufacturers, industry partners are bringing new vaccines to the under immunized populations, and there will be a significant increase in the supplier base for Cholera, Typhoid Conjugate Vaccines (TCV) and Human Papillomavirus vaccines (HPV) to Gavi eligible countries in 2021-2015.

“Eubiologics commits to the production of OCV (oral cholera vaccine) to address the supply constraints and contribute to end cholera by 2030”, said Eubiologics CEO, Dr. Y. Baik. In addition, TCV supply for Gavi will be prioritized during the next five-year period. The CEOs of Bharat Dr. Ella, and Biological E, Ms. Datla, committed to provide more affordable TCV to more people. These commitments will help combat the spread of multi-drug resistant typhoid fever. “More countries are seeing the need for this vaccine now” added S. Kosaraju, from Biological E.

Furthermore, most cervical cancers caused by human papillomavirus and are preventable through vaccination. Together the vaccine industry is working to help protect more girls and women in poor countries by providing access to more HPV vaccines. The CEOs of Innovax, S. Gao, Serum Institute of India, A. Poonawalla, and the Chairman of Walvax, Y. Li, announced that new HPV vaccines, to be prequalified by WHO, will be available in 2021-2022. Retour ligne automatique
These commitments will help Gavi save more lives and the international community was invited to work together to protect people against infectious diseases.

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