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DCVMN Joint Statement with IFPMA and Trade Associations on Biopharmaceutical Industry Commitments

DCVMN is proud to be part of a joint statement released by IFPMA and trade associations representing the global pharmaceutical industry and developing countries vaccine manufacturers to make an impactful commitment: ensuring equitable access to essential medical countermeasures, both before and after pandemics are declared.

The statement, titled “Delivering Equitable Access in Pandemics: The Biopharmaceutical Industry Commitments on Equitable Access,” sets the stage for a transformative partnership for equitable access.

The best part is that you can be part of this movement too! Companies are invited to join this multi-stakeholder partnership by adopting a series of Equitable Access Commitments that will be legally binding and enforceable through contracts.

We invite you to read the full statement here: