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DCVMN in unison with National Health Authorities and the Pan American Health Organization

25th October 2016 – In his opening speech at the 17th Annual General Meeting of the Developing Countries’ Vaccines Manufacturers Network, the Honorable Minister of Health of Argentina, Jorge Lemus, appreciated that vaccines are shaping global health. “We consider vaccination an instrument for prevention, promotion and protection of the health of populations” he said. Our mission is to establish the concept of vaccination as a right of people, while the State has the responsibility to ensure access and supply of this key tool for the population, he continued. Vaccination has enabled the eradication of smallpox worldwide, and the elimination of Polio, measles and recently of rubella from the Americas.

The National Immunization Schedule of Argentina is one of the most complete worldwide with 23 vaccines that were progressively included in the schedule since 2003, when only 5 vaccines were provided.

If all persons would receive the indicated vaccination timely, then the circulation of infectious agents would be interrupted among both the vaccinated and the non-vaccinated individuals, protecting and benefiting the whole population through the so-called herd immunity effect. Thus vaccination is also a personal responsibility towards those around us who may not be able to receive it, such as immunocompromised persons.

The meeting gathered nearly 200 professionals from over 25 countries to discuss new technologies that stimulate research and the development, manufacturing and commercialization of strategic products to improving the health of people, countries, and regions, and shaping global health.

DCVMN in unison with National Health Authorities and the Pan American Health Organization