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On May 11th, Mr. Rajinder Suri represented DCVMN and its members at the 2023 BIO KOREA International Convention in Seoul, South Korea. DCVMN CEO was invited to give a presentation and participate as a panelist at “Global Vaccine Supply Chain and Innovative R&D Collaboration” session.

In his presentation, Mr. Suri showcases DCVMs’ innovations in R&D and their building of the global vaccine supply chain. He praised the work done by DCVMs during the pandemic and the increasing South-to-South collaborations. Attention was brought to the various vaccine technologies utilized by DCVMN members, such as mRNA, during the fight against COVID-19 and for future pandemic preparedness. Furthermore, he discussed the key vaccine supply chain issues & priorities with a particular focus on traceability, stockpiling, and new packaging and delivery technologies. Mr. Suri presented the successful work done by DCVMN and its members on: primary & secondary vaccine packaging through barcode identification & authentication; distribution and tracking of vaccines through the digitalization of the process; the temperature and security delivery monitoring of the vaccines.

Effective collaboration between stakeholders, use of technology and robust supply chain management strategies are essential to ensure a smooth and steady supply of vaccines everywhere!