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DCVMN CEO Inaugurating the Vaccine World Forum in Pune

Honored to have our CEO, Rajinder Suri inaugurate the Vaccine World Forum in Pune on April 25th alongside esteemed leaders in the field!

The Forum was a convergence of minds, focusing on pivotal trends and advancements in vaccine development, manufacturing, licensing, quality assurance, regulations, emerging technologies, clinical trials, and post-trial analysis. It was an exceptional platform offering both international and local perspectives, ensuring attendees gained a comprehensive understanding of the dynamic landscape of the vaccine sector.

Joined by eminent figures such as Dr. Sanjay Singh, CEO of Gennova, Dr. Dr. Kapil Maithal, FRSC, FRSB, President of Vaccines at Zydus Life Sciences, Dr. Sudeep Kumar, SVP of Biological E, Dr. Arani Chatterjee, Joint President at Cadila Pharmaceuticals, Dr. Kutub Mahmood, Scientific Director at PATH, Ms. Ruchi Shah from Informa Markets, Dr. Nimesh GUPTA, Chief of Vaccine Immunology Laboratory at the National Institute of Immunology of India, and Dr. Amulya K Panda, Associate Director at Panacea Biotec, we delved into the forefront of vaccine innovation and collaboration.

The rich exchange of insights, experiences, and expertise from industry stalwarts, government officials, scientists, and analytical experts undoubtedly fueled innovation and progress in our collective mission to enhance global health. Together, we continue to drive positive change and create a healthier, more resilient world.