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DCVMN Board at the World Vaccine Congress

DCVMN’s impactful presence at the 24th Annual World Vaccine Congress in Washington DC!

Our CEO led the charge as moderator in the engaging panel discussion titled “The Collaborative Role of Developing Country Vaccine Manufacturers in Global Immunization and Pandemic Preparedness.” Joined by esteemed panelists Dr. Esper Georges Kall├ís, and DCVMN Board Members Ms. Rachel Park, Dr. Mauricio Zuma and Dr. Andrew Wong, the session delved deep into the multifaceted landscape of vaccine manufacturing and global health collaboration.

Discussions were rich with insights, highlighting the critical role of collaboration in developing and supplying vaccines for LMICs, especially amidst pressing challenges such as the shortage of cholera vaccines and surging cases, notably in Africa. Lessons drawn from the COVID-19 vaccine manufacturing experience emphasized the urgent need for equitable access and balanced contributions from DCVMs to future pandemics.

As the industry association representing these vital players, DCVMN was recognized as pivotal in fostering collaboration and resource-sharing among member companies, with a collective aim to enhance pandemic preparedness. The panel also offered valuable insights into strategies for prioritization and funding in local vaccine production, the strengths of South Korean manufacturers in global collaboration, and the impactful role of Bio-Manguinhos / Fiocruz and Instituto Butantan in bolstering global impact!

While challenges persist, including establishing technical collaborations within the Global South and supporting emerging African vaccine manufacturers, the panel underscored the importance of collective action and innovation in tackling global health challenges and ensuring preparedness for future emergencies.