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DCVMN Board at the 8th International Symposium on Immunobiologicals in Rio de Janeiro

The DCVMN Board convened last week at the 8th International Symposium on Immunobiologicals in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil! A big thank you to our gracious host, Bio-Manguinhos / Fiocruz, for their warm hospitality.

The Symposium featured a dynamic program with esteemed speakers discussing cutting-edge research on vaccines, RNA platforms, innovation, and health.

Highlighting our participation, on May 8th, the DCVMN CEO and Board members led a session titled “Strengthening regional production facilities as a solution to the Global South emergent vaccine demands.” We underscored DCVMN International’s pivotal role in empowering vaccine manufacturers in developing countries to meet these demands, especially amidst the pandemic. DCVMN International’s focus on providing partnership and funding opportunities, workforce training, and advocating for the needs of our members at global health institutions was emphasized.

In our discussions, we delved into the significance of partnerships with multinational companies and institutions, which have enabled our members to enhance production capabilities, especially through technology transfers. We emphasized that sustainable vaccine manufacturing is paramount for equitable access rather than rapid increase of production, emphasizing the importance of addressing various challenges comprehensively. Collaboration is key, and DCVMN serves as a catalyst by fostering collaboration among its 45 member manufacturers, facilitating knowledge-sharing, risk mitigation, and mutual support.

Exciting times ahead as we continue to Connect to Protect!