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DCVMN at the World Vaccine Congress Biodefence Pre-Workshop

Thrilled to share the impactful participation of our CEO at the esteemed World Vaccine Congress Biodefence Pre-Workshop on April 1st!

Mr. Rajinder Suri’s participation in the panel discussion, “Working together to achieve a 100 days mission facility to detect threats at source and control threats,” chaired by Dr. Matthew Hepburn, CMO, JPEO-CBRND, and moderated by Dr. Bassam Hallis, Head of Vaccine Development & Evaluation Centre, UK Health Security Agency, was truly enlightening.

During the discussion, Mr. Suri delved into the feasibility of the 100 Days Mission, shedding light on its attainability under conducive conditions. He also articulated the show-stoppers and enablers within this mission from the perspective of DCVMN and its members. Highlighting the critical role of vaccine manufacturers across the entire vaccine value chain, Mr. Suri emphasized the necessity for seamless collaboration among stakeholders, including political leaders, governments, international organizations, researchers, and regulators. He underscored the importance of addressing potential challenges, such as shortages in vaccine components, through concerted efforts.

Identifying key enablers, including infrastructure development, streamlined regulatory processes, sustainable manufacturing practices, and innovative financing mechanisms, Mr. Suri reaffirmed DCVMN’s unwavering commitment to collaborating with stakeholders. Shoulder to shoulder, we are dedicated to overcoming obstacles and delivering life-saving vaccines, therapeutics, and diagnostics during public health emergencies.