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DCVMN Webinar: Conceptual Design: Key to get a GMP compliant facility (Telstar)

September 29, 2022

DCVMN Webinar: Conceptual Design: Key to get a GMP compliant facility (Telstar)
September 29th, 2022
9:00 CET

Abstract: Conceptual Design, is a key challenge in production efficiency, having a big impact on the feasibility of a tailor-made fit pharmaceutical plant. It has frequently been regarded as an unnecessary step when talking of a facility design, but, on the contrary, it should be seen as a key step to have a compliant facility suitable for the operations to be conducted.

A good conceptual design may lead to a well thought and managed facility…or not, but an unsatisfactory conceptual design will for sure lead to a defective facility, non-compliant or very inefficient. Therefore, it is extremely important to dedicate the time to execute this process and produce the correct design for the operations and products for each facility.

Speaker: Dr Rafael Beaus (Global Consultancy Manager)
Global Consultancy Manager at Azbil Telstar holds a Bachelor of Pharmacy from the University of Barcelona (1988), PDG (General Management Program, 2002) from IESE(Barcelona) and Industrial and Pharmacy Technology specialist (2001). Rafa is also an Academic of the Royal Catalan Academy of Pharmacy (2016). He has more than 30 year’s industry experience; 10 years at AlconCusi Laboratories as Head of the factory for solid and liquid forms (4 years) and Head of Quality Assurance and Technical Director (6 years). In 1998, he started in consultancy activity as MD of SVS, internationalizing the company and making it grow until its integration into the Telstar group, where he has held varied roles in local and global markets. Rafael is currently working at Azbil Telstar as Global Consultancy Manager where he lecturers at many specialized courses worldwide on sterile production, pharmaceutical utilities, quality assurance and general production. He has also been a key trainer for the Spanish Medicine Agency on several topics.

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