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KoreaVaccine Co., Ltd.

KoreaVaccine(KV) is a vaccines and medical devices company in Korea. Since 1956, KV has made an effort to manufacture (fill & finish) and distribute high quality biological products as well as medical devices to achieve our vision which is ‘Improvement of the contribution to the better society.’

To accomplish our vision, KV not only focuses on researching and developing new and better products, but also provides services to various biological companies in CMO, CLO, and CSO areas based on its outstanding human resource, technology and infrastructure combined with our passion and sincerity.

With an effort to become an incubator of bio-industry in Korea and lead continuous innovation in our business, KV became one of the top players in Korean vaccine market especially in pediatric segment.

For healthier society and better life, KV will continuously improve our product, and expand its global network for the well being of all stakeholders.

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