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Members list

List of participants (as of 17th April 2020)

Name SurnameCompanyCountry
S. Comellas Sinergium Biotech Argentina
M. C. de Moraes Stávale Bio-Manguinhos Fiocruz Brazil
Q. Xiong CNBG China
V. Hariharan Bharat Biotech International Ltd India
S. Kosaraju Biological E India
S. Ghadge Serum Institute of India, Ltd India
S. Desai - Chair Cadila Healthcare Limited India
I. Nurnaeni - Cochair PT Biofarma Indonesia
A. Aziz Al Mutairi AraBio Saudi Arabia
R. Hyunsuk LG Chem South Korea
W. Huang Innovax China
N. De Clercq* GSK Belgium
T. Gastineau* Sanofi Pasteur France
L. Scheppler* Jansen Vaccines, Branch of Cilag GmbH International Switzerland
M. McGoldrick* Merck Sharp & Dohme USA
J. Dias* Pfizer Belgium

*Representatives from IFPMA member companies

IFPMA representatives are regularly y invited to the Working Group discussions, and a close scientific collaboration has been established b between the two groups and the representatives are also co-authors in the WG publications, according to contributions, as appropriate.